Saturday, February 28, 2009


There is some news that was brought to my attention.
Stu T. is in the hospital and in critical condition.
His wife Lila is with him and needs our
prayers....You got them Lila.
Ernie H. had fallen and now has a broken
hip. He is also in the hospital.
His little dog misses him as we miss
seeing them walking around the village.
Ernie will be disabled for a period of time
so he also needs our prayers for a quick and
speedy recovery.
Good luck old friend.
Time heals almost everything,
Give time time.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Birthday Boy

Tomorrow marks the 55 for one of our own.
If you know who it is wish him a
Happy Birthday.
We are very proud of him..
Don't cry because it's over,
Smile because it happened.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Thanks Leween for the update on your scores
And YES Jo you were missed this week.....


Someone gave me a smile today;
I tried my best to give it away
To everyone I chanced to meet
As I was going down the street.
But everyone that I could see
Would give my smile right back to me.
When I got home, besides one smile,
I had enough to reach a mile.
Perhaps we should all try this
and see what happens.
Have beautiful day in our Village

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

International Dinner

This Saturday at 6:00 p.m. the special
International Dinner
will be hosted by your Village Social Club.
The flyer's were all out and the information was
given to us all.
The social club has arranged a outstanding
program for our enjoyment.
Please hurry and get your tickets as they
are going fast.
The ticket is $4.00 and you bring a covered
dish of your choice to share on the buffet table.
The entertainment will continue after we all have
our fill of goodies.
This is one more chance to support your wonderful
board of beautiful people.
See you all there...

Monday, February 23, 2009

News update.

Had news today that Rod & Deb C had left
to go back to Penn. because Rod's father
was not doing so good. The conclusion is
that he passed away and our hearts go out
to this wonderful family. Our condolences
and prayers are with them.
Rose L. has had a few rough weeks but is
working hard to get back in shape. We sure
do miss not seeing her around the games
but know it won't be long before she is back
with us. Keep up the good work.
Eleanor C. has been in Palm Gardens Rehab
for sometime now and her daughter has informed
us that they are moving her back up north so that
the family can care for her. We will miss this really
gusty lady and wish her well on her journey up north.
If there is someone else that is under the weather
please let us know so we can inform the Village as
to what is happening.
Our prayers are with those who are having troubled
Cheerfulness will open a door when other keys fail.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Surgery being done

Received word that Cindy J. is in the hospital
for surgery. She is in for several days and then
off to rehab for a period of time.
Being in Michigan is a long way from her
#2 home here in Florida but she is hopeful
that come this spring will be able to visit with
us once again.
She misses the warm weather but little does
she know it is cool here also. We will be getting
our blast of hot weather soon so enjoy the brisk air
for a few more days.
Keep Cindy in your prayers and for a speedy recovery.
However good or bad a situation is,
it will change.

Village Annual Park Sale

Today in spite of the cool (cold) morning
the yard sale went on to become a most enjoyable
Your new Social Club members worked very hard
on making a great success.
Many vendors adorned our common area with
their wonderful items that everyone picked up
and was happy to take home.
The cake wheel was enjoyed by everyone who
put down their quarters to win a cake or
whatever looked good to them.
The committee was manned by your
announcers, Mary L & Barb E. Of course
Carlos B supervised the event with his horn
tooting around the area.
Thank you for so much fun.
The kitchen was filled with such tempting
aromas that we all ran to sample the delicious
soups that were donated by various cooks from
the park.
Thanks for all your hard work.
The 50/50 winner will be announced and will
be notified if you should have held the lucky
Be sure to let each and everyone who worked so
hard to make this event such a great time that you
appreciated their hard work and
they will let us know how they came out.
Remember that not getting what you
want is sometimes a wonderful stroke
of luck.
Until next time

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Back Again

I have been gone for a few days and have
neglected to inform some so
things are slow getting up and running
again. If you have news regarding the
village, just me know.
Many thanks to the editor for
the update.
Everyday comes bearing gifts....
It's up to you to untie
the ribbons.
Enjoy your day...

Community Sale

Come this Saturday the Village will be having
their large yard sale in the parking area.
Everyone is invited to come and see what
you can find and can't do without.
If you want to feel rich,
just count all the things you
have that money
can't buy.
See you all there

Late bridge scores

Thanks again Lew for these scores

Monday, February 16, 2009

Ticket Sales

In the absence of our trusty Reporter
(now where'd she disappear too?)
I've been asked to announce:

The International Dinner
February 28 at 6PM
in the Village Clubhouse

Tickets for it will be available at
Tuesday Coffer Hour
Cost is $4 per person

The gracious Vinci W
will be there to distribute them!!

Come out and enjoy another great evening
with your friends
and neighbors

Saturday, February 14, 2009

A successful evening.

The end of a wonderful evening!
At least 150 people dined and danced
at the Village Valentine party.
Thanks to the hard work of the Social Club
everyone left with the feeling that this was a
most enjoyable evening.
We congratulate the new Social Club board on
a well planned evening of delicious food and
and entertainment.
Our thanks go to Jessie and her devoted crew
for decorating the beautiful love nest the Village
clubhouse turned into.
Balloons, hearts, flowers, candies and all
had everyone in a festive mood.
The dinner was prepared with exactly the right
ingredients and of course, overflowing dinner plates.
Desserts was served along with the extra goodies that
we were dipping into that sweet chocolate fountain.
The kitchen crew did a outstanding performance of
teamwork and coordination in serving our meals.
We are very grateful to you hard working
Our own Sales Lady, Sherry did such a lovely
musical arrangement of songs for each of us to
dance and sing along with. Our thanks for being so
thoughtful to such an appreciative party.
Hope you enjoy your flowers.
Drawings were held and the 2 winners were:
Gloria & Frank
Phil Wright
Hope you enjoy your prize
and come back again.
Please be sure to tell your Social Club what
a wonderful evening you had and that
you would like to help them in
the future to produce another
such successful time!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Hope you all have a wonderful and happy
Valentine's Day.
If you were lucky enough to get tickets for
our dinner and dance at
our clubhouse Saturday night,
you will undoubtedly have a memorable
Please bring your smiles and happy
thoughts to share with everyone.
Most smiles are started by another smile..

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Thought for today

Something to think about.


Remember you don't stop laughing

because you grow old,

you grow old because you stop



Enjoy this beautiful day in our


Friday, February 6, 2009

Another birthday surprise

Just as I had hoped..another birthday
from one of our own...
Any Guesses?????
Spend more time with people
over the age of 70 and under the
age of six.


Guess who????
Happy Birthday
The big 50......
It's amazing how many people
your age are older than
you are.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Edward Parton

I have had confirmation on the passing of
Edward "Ed" Parton.
Ed and Hazel have been long time residents of
our Village but were unable to return the last
few years. # 272
Ed was born December 22, 1925 and
was ushered into heaven at 1:55 p.m. Tuesday
February 2, 2009.
Howard Regional Health System had been his
home for several weeks and his loving
family has been at his side.
We are going to miss this wonderful golfer and
quiet friend.
Our condolences go to Hazel and her whole
Perhaps one day she will come for a visit
with us once again.
Hazel's address is ....if you wish to send a card....
3312 Francis Lane
Kokomo, Ind. 46902

Monday, February 2, 2009


Martha Mae
Some of our good friends went to visit a long time
friend of the village. Marthamae is now feeling up to having visitors.
Her address is:
Stuart Nursing & Restorative Care Center
Room 412.
1500 Palm Beach Road
Stuart, Fl. 34994
If you wish to phone ahead, Either Rick or myself
have the number.
Martha Mae has been our long time reporter to the
P J and has since retired.
Keep her and others in your prayers and thoughts.
Our thanks to Leween F., Rick & Sharon D.
I know we have quite a few birthdays in Feb. so I
will try to put on what I now have.
Patti B
Diane B
Rose L
Delores H
Doug M
adding.....Beth V..
If you wish, we will add any one's name. Just let me know.
We want to wish you all a very happy birthday and
hope you enjoy our Village.
You all have the Swan Sentinel in your door by now.
Keep open the 14Th for the Valentine's dinner/dance.
21st for the yard sale
23rd for the disaster preparedness seminar
28Th for the international dinner.
There will be more coming up.
We don't remember days...
We remember moments.